19 November, 2007

the aliens have landed

1) i got up with a headache because of the wine at café jacques
2) i made myself some coffee and poured milk in it, only, the milk didn't pour. it fell into the cup. in lumps. i said something like "alter!" and rinsed the cup out. miniature aliens from mars went down the drain in their tiny, milky spaceships. the milk carton must have been their landing space - they had built an alien city, a white and slimy empire which i happily destroyed.
3) i took the bike to the dentist. on my way, there were more aliens, this time invisible ones that pushed with all their might against the bicycle which i was trying to ride. trying to go forward, the little bastards made it so hard for me, i started crying. could have been the wind, too.
4) after the dentist had assured me of the fact that my teeth were as shit as i thought they were, i saw the first real alien of the day. it was riding a bicycle, wearing a winter coat and a hat. when it wanted to turn left, it stuck out its left arm and waved it up and down, up and down. it did that in very precise movements, like a robot. immediately i knew "this must be an alien. no human could or would wave like that". i laughed out loud and rode on.


nachnam hat gesagt…

the only alien I saw today was big round yellowish and was sitting on my nose this morning when I was looking into the mirror.

Bibi Blogsberg hat gesagt…

that is very sexy indeed. hello to all your aliens.

animaldelmar hat gesagt…


scotspotter hat gesagt…

TMI, Görgend, too much information.

Schöne Frau, willst du auf einen absolut alienfreien Tee oder ein space-Essen vorbeikommen? Hab heute ganz früh Schluss auf Arbeit, schon so um kurz nach sieben, JUHUU!