30 September, 2007

women eat men

yesterday my friend christian told me a little story. one day on the train, he overheard a conversation between a father and his two children, a little girl and boy. the father was explaining to the kids who heinz sielmann was (a german biologist and animal filmmaker) and pointed out things in a book to them. he asked the kids: "did you know that many of the male spiders are only used by the girl spiders to guarantee reproduction and that the girl spiders eat the boy spiders after they've had... intercourse?" the children looked surprised. "and isn't it funny how male spiders are often much smaller than their female partners? not like with us humans where the men are usually taller than the women." the little boy thought for a while and then he asked his dad: "so the reason why the human women don't eat the men is that the men are taller than they are?"
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