05 Dezember, 2008

gorde txartela

funny, how sometimes something completely unemotional can trigger something completely emotional in oneself. i have just cleaned out my wallet. i took out all the little pieces of paper with phone numbers of good-looking and willing... NO: i only took out all the stuff that's been piling up inside the wallet. like receipts and public transportation tickets. i found one piece of paper saying "ryanair - fly cheaper. flt fr372... date 01oct. gate 43." i found another one with the cryptic words "1 voyage - stab. valider dès l'achat et en correspondance. valable 1 heure." on it. a third one said: "c.t.s.s.-d.t.k. ordinario/arrunta. 02.10. 1,20 euro. gorde txartela/consérvese el ticket."

mental images arise, gate 43, the flight to biarritz. the bus driver in biarritz who (i don't speak french) first sold me two tickets. then he decided to like me (i must have looked fashionably excited by my arrival and the prospect of holidays in the basque country) and took one back, giving me half my money back. nice. and then "gorde txartela": my first day on the pilgrim trail, i cheated. i arrived in san sebastián/donostia after a rain storm. it was six a clock at night, i had started walking at eight or nine in the morning. i took a bus to the youth hostel... :)

did i ever say i like travelling? :)


Québeclara hat gesagt…

ach marieke, schade, dass du grad nicht da bist. hatte lust mit dir zu reden... ich küss dich erstmal vorsichtshalber!

Bibi Blogsberg hat gesagt…

did i ever say I worship our friendship? well, if not, here we go. I do!! the day (after) and the night (after) looks like a different place (thankfully!!) too bad you were not there with me tonight. I danced (a lot!). no matter what, you certainly left another big impression on me. as a friend, as a woman, as a flower giver. god, how I love these gay flowers!!! thanks for being you!

animaldelmar hat gesagt…

gay flowers! komm. nur weil da roter glitter auf den rosen war?? :)

na klaro! any time, mein schönes. und tanzen gehn wer ooch, baldigst. aber vielleicht erstmal singen, on tuesday?

Bibi Blogsberg hat gesagt…

si, on tuesday.