30 Januar, 2011

die leisen gefühle und die ganz LAUTEN

only one and a half days ago, i went hiking with abe who has, in the shortest time possible, become a friend. i had the most amazing day. the MOST amazing day. abe and i first went to a beautiful spot. that don't even come close to it, ladies and gents. damas y caballeros. we went to THE most beautiful spot. here and now, i could elaborate on beautiful spots on earth and their obvious, very subjective arbitrariness. but i don't. i just state: it was one of the MOST beautiful ones. then we got lost and decided to climb the steep hill in one of the pictures up to the top. the picture showing abe and me shows us in our elated state of mind after the climb. during the climb, quite often i thought, "i could fall and be dead any minute". this, unreal as it sounds, only made me more happy. it was a very, very happy day. i shall remember it for a LONG time. für suse: dies war ein LAUTES, ein BRÜLLENDES gefühl.

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