25 Januar, 2010


funny how at that time when have conquered that jetlag and you can stay up until 06:15 your time without sleeping, it's almost time to go back. this post is for christian b, a fond reader of this blog and friend for as long as world turns its sleepy turns. i would like to write a really snazzy sentence in quebecois french now, something including the words "câlice", "tabarnak" and "ostie", as this, i was told repeatedly, are the most horrible swear words in quebecois french. they mean "chalice", "tabernacle" and "host". yes. that's how scary they are here. anyway. i went to montreal this weekend. walking the streets on saturday, recovering from a hangover d'ostie, i took some pics. maybe christian likes them.


Anonym hat gesagt…

ah, oh, mais ouais! tabernac, zut alors! ihr wart im laika! wie süß!!! :)

merci beaucoup et milles bisoux!

nightingale hat gesagt…

dein kaffee sieht irgendwie nachdenklich aus... oder besorgt... oder hung over??? hü.
laik laik laik kuss kuss kuss

animaldelmar hat gesagt…

echt? ich find, der sieht aus, als ob er lacht. hm. sag, mädchen, wie sieht es eigentlich aus - hab ich ne chance auf nen kaffee mit dir in b soon? oder bleibste in hh? und christian, mon chere, gern und ebenfalls milles bisoux!